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Poster: light into ashes Date: Nov 21, 2007 2:56am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: October '72

I've been listening to 10/28/72 and it has some very strong playing - the Dead were hot in that time period but there is some extra pep in this show. The Playing in the Band is pretty extraordinary, and the Dark Star is a perfect classic, as spooky as it gets, with one of the better Philo Stomp jams. If you're pressed for time just check out the Greatest Story, one of the most aggressive versions.

(Another great Philo Stomp where Phil uses the split-channels and the band joins in is in the really cool 10/24/72 Other One:)

Their next show, 10/30/72, is also a rocking show, although it's a bit short on jamming; but check out the extended Truckin'.

I should also mention that 11/18/72 has the best-ever Playing in the Band - and there's a lot of competition just from fall '72! Surprisingly ferocious, worth playing several times over. It was another very aggressive evening for them, with another one of the top Greatest Stories as well. (This tune just dwindled in later years.)

(The following night was rather tepid in comparison; although it had another top Playing, the Dark Star goes nowhere.)

Speaking of Playing in the Band, I'd be remiss not to also bring up 10/26/72, another 5-star version. The Dark Star that night is pretty weak, because they used up so much energy in the Playing - almost a half-hour long and they just don't want to quit; halfway through they start winding up for the reprise, but then decide to keep going; Phil throws in a strange non-solo, and then they build to an amazing majestic peak. (The mix isn't perfect, as on many of these shows, but it's not too distracting.)

And speaking of strange mixes, 11/12/72 is renowned for having no drums or piano in the mix, and hardly any vocals; but the guitars are loud & clear. If you'd like to hear another remarkable Playing in the Band done as just a guitar duet, or can't bear to hear Donna, this is the show to turn to!

I'd mention other marvels like the Fox Theatre 10/18-19 shows, but I'll just bring up one more: 11/24/72. The Dead were in rock 'n roll mode that night, with Garcia sharp & blazing. A great Playing goes without saying, but check out the Not Fade Away>Goin' Down the Road - like 11/15/71, this is one version where they go the extra mile and really stretch it out.

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Poster: tree-ap Date: Nov 21, 2007 5:18am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: October '72

I feel there's something about many of the GD's performances in the Fall, almost regardless of the year, that had an air of greatness. Fall '71 through Fall '74 was a sustained period of some mighty fine shows. Back to '72, though. What I think I like most about the shows you listed are Phil's contributions. While Phil played some spectacular solo's in '73, the performances starting mid-summer of '72 where he'd lay it down after Truckin' are something every head absolutely NEEDS to hear; many of these "stomps" lead into TOO, for which this time frame is when they played this song at it's apex (9/28/72 to my ears), as far as I'm concerned.

If anyone has somehow missed listening to the Fall of '72's shows, you're missing more of why we all listen to this band called The Grateful Dead.